Print Head Doctor 15


This model is similar to model 14 with one big difference: it’s capable of automatically switching the fluid flow direction on any of its 4 ports, and running various recovery cycles in one set-up completely autonomously.

It’s equipped with an “indestructible” Swiss-made KNF pumps: two pressure pumps rated at 85psi, and one vacuum pump. This machine has enough flow rate to clean up to 6 print heads at once. It can recover 2 Kyocera KJ4 print heads (300dpi or 600dpi).

Advantages of Print Head Doctor 15:

  • Automatic fluid flow direction switching in all 4 ports.
  • It can run different recovery cycles one after another, without the need to switch the tubes.
  • Fully user-customizable programs can be created using our Android app.
  • High flow of 1200 ml/min at a high pressure of up to 25psi allows cleaning multiple heads at once.
  • Two main filters and 4 input filters. The vacuum pump is now protected by 2 filters.
  • High pressure of 25 psi makes the reverse flushing very effective.
  • Complete control of the machine from Android devices.
  • Automatic pressure control with the digital pressure readout.
  • Fluid cooling with the temperature control.
  • Capable of doing forward, reverse and thru-head flushing of print heads, with or without Reverse Flushing Caps.
  • It has dedicated vacuum pumps that allow Vacuum-Assisted Forward Flushing using RF Caps, as well as the reverse flushing. The forward pressure is precisely controlled, which makes the recovery process safe for the print heads, while more effective at the same time.
  • Digital pressure sensor for monitoring and controlling the print head pressure.
  • Two gauges for monitoring vacuum in the RF cap and in the first stage filters.
  • The new set of pumps provides sufficient flow even for print heads with a great number of nozzles and allows cleaning up to 6 heads simultaneously.
  • Fine-tuned recovery cycles accommodate various degrees of clogging, types of print heads and inks.
  • First-stage filters are conveniently located on the side wall and can be replaced in seconds.
  • Dual first-stage filtration and intake tubes for higher fluid flow rate and longer period between changing filters.
  • Rugged housing with all components built-in.
  • All solvent-proof materials.