Print Head Cleaning Service

In 2014 we discovered a real need for professional print head cleaning to be done in Australia. Sending heads overseas was costly, risky and time consuming. So we set up Print Head Doctor here in Australia.

In recent times client cleaning heads on a regular basis started asking about machinery so we decided to offer the machinery and specialised fluids to our customers. It just made good sense to offer the solution for in house use.

Cleaning Printer heads is not an exact science. You don’t put the head in the machine, press a button and out pops a clean head. It doesn’t work like that. There are many considerations, machine settings and fluids to use. I have spent as long as 8 hours on 1 print head once but I did get it clean. In general, depending on how clogged the head is, it can take usually between 3-6 hours to clean the head, and use a lot of fluid and machine time. That’s why we charge AUD$400 or USD$300 per clean. Its cheaper than replacing the head.

My advice is have the heads cleaned as soon as they show signs of sideways spraying or nozzle jets dropping out. This will extend the life of your print head considerably and give a much better print result.

We don’t guarantee any clean. It’s impossible to know but we promise our customers that we do our best. Yes you need to pay us regardless of the result as we still spend as much time and use as much chemical and machine time regardless of the result. I can tell you as of February 2017 that our success rate has been 100%. That’s because we take care, we take our time and we don’t compromise when striving for the best cleaning result.

Please do not hesitate contacting me should you have any questions on +61 409 025 275

(Managing Director)

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