Print Head Doctor 15

  • Automatic fluid flow direction switching in all 4 ports.
  • High pressure of 25 psi makes the reverse flushing very effective.
  • Fully user-customizable programs can be created using our Android app.
  • Fluid cooling with the temperature control.
  • Rugged housing with all components built-in.

Print Head Doctor 10

  • Complete control of the machine from Android devices.
  • Automatic pressure control that works similarly to models 12 and 13.
  • Capable of doing vacuum-assisted forward and reverse flushing of print heads.
  • Fluid heating: it brings the fluid to up a set temperature and keeps it during the cleaning cycle.
  • All solvent-proof materials.

Print Head Doctor

  • 90% recovery rate.
  • Cleans even severely clogged heads.
  • Automatic cleaning cycles.
  • Reverse flushing and Thru-head flushing capabilities with pressure and vacuum.
  • Compact and rugged design.

Print Head Doctor LE

  • Efficient recovery of moderately clogged Epson print heads.
  • Safe for printheads.
  • Uses advanced chemistry and a vacuum flushing method.
  • Works with water-based, solvent-based and UV printheads.
  • In the past 4 years we have in most cases a 100% cleaning rate on all heads including white

Solvent, UV and Water-based printheads

We are able to provide services in broad Australia, Southern Hemisphere and European areas. Printhead Doctor cleans and recovers clogged nozzles in Solvent, UV, Sublimation & Water-based printheads utilising precise, low pressure(to protect sensitive heads such as Epson), multi-directional, temperature controlled flushing and ultra-sonic cleaning to achieve an average recovery rate of 90%, even on severely clogged heads.

We accept orders and ship to every country in the world. Average delivery time is 4 days from order.

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