DX-B Recovery Solution for eco-solvent Epson heads

$211.00 $150.00

DX-B was designed to unclog solvent and eco-solvent print heads. It contains more aggressive chemicals compared to DX-A. It shouldn’t be left inside a print head for more than 1 hour. – Advanced chemistry formulated specifically for unclogging Epson heads. – Safe for print heads. – Can be used with PHD-LE kits, a PHD machine or even with just a syringe. – A great solution for soaking clogged print heads. – Works with eco-solvent and solvent heads. Note: if you have older DX4 or DX5 print heads from water-based machines, it is recommended to test if the plastic manifold on your print head is chemically resistant to the DX fluids. Just put a drop of fluid on the plastic surface, wait a minute and wipe it off with a white cloth. If the cloth remains white, the plastic is OK. If you see some streaks on the cloth, then the plastic isn’t compatible with the fluid.