Recovery Fluid #9UV

$371.80 $270.00

Solution #9UV is the recovery fluid for UV curable print heads: Spectra, Xaar, Konica-Minolta, Hitachi, Toshiba Tec, etc. One of our strongest UV solutions, which can dissolve a completely cured UV ink. WARNING! This solution should be used with the Print Head Doctor equipped with the Swiss-made pumps. It’s too harsh for the standard pumps and it will damage them after just a few minutes of operation. Do not leave this solution inside a print head for more than 30 minutes. Flush the head out using the Intermediate Fluid or, if applicable, with the flushing solution that came with the inks that were used on that print head. Note: Fluid 9UV is identical to 5UV in the performance characteristics. We make both 5UV and 9UV depending on the availability of the raw materials. If you ordered 9UV you may receive 5UV and vice versa.