Print Head Doctor 10

$2,732.60 $1,890.00

Advanced recovery system for solvent, eco-solvent, water-based and UV print heads, with an automatic pressure control.

Compared to models 11-14, this one does not have an ultrasonic tank. It uses print head adapters mounted directly on a print head without the need of an adapter plate. Thanks to its compact design, it is perfectly suited for recovering print heads directly on a printer.

Advantages of Print Head Doctor 10:

  • Complete control of the machine from Android devices.
  • Automatic pressure control that works similarly to models 12 and 13.
  • Capable of doing vacuum-assisted forward and reverse flushing of print heads.
  • Fluid heating: it brings the fluid to up a set temperature and keeps it during the cleaning cycle.
  • No adapter plate is required. A print head mounts directly to the SuperSonic Adapters. The forward pressure can be reduced which makes the recovery process safer for the print heads, while more effective at the same time.
  • Pressure gauge for monitoring the pressure in the print head.
  • The main filter is mounted outside for easy service.
  • Safe for the print heads. Ideally suited for Epson heads cleaning.
  • Rugged housing with all components built-in.
  • Self-diagnostics features.
  • All solvent-proof materials.